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Frequently Asked Questions

Our PV Systems require very little maintenance, requiring the system owner to only wash the solar modules down with water when they get dirty so light can get through and your system can operate at maximum performance.

When properly installed your solar system should last 30 years. Solar technology has evolved immensely allowing systems to be efficient for a longer period than in the past.

Without knowing your individual details we are unable to give you a simple answer. Your solar energy system cost depends on capacity, home layout, energy requirements and other variables. The cost has decreased in recent years, and now includes government programs and incentives to help with the cost of solar.

If you generate more electricity than you use, the excess goes back to your utility company, giving you a credit for the electricity your PV system generated.

Your grid-tied solar system will automatically shut off if the power goes out, however, if you have a solar battery system, your solar system will continue to operate using the stored energy.